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What kind of experience is it like to walk into a Japanese garden?

Japanese home design is not only famous for its rich history and tradition, but more importantly, its ability to show beauty in simple things. Today, many Japanese designers are able to integrate modern home decoration with nature, which is extremely beautiful. Janeism has its own characteristics. Today I would like to share with you that as an important part of Japanese home design, the courtyard is the most beautiful epitome of Japanese home.

It is said that the Japanese garden is a transformation of the traditional Chinese garden, but in fact there are still differences. Chinese gardens pay attention to grandeur, calmness and naturalness, while Japanese gardens have a soft spot for small and delicate spaces. The courtyard is regarded as the center point of the house, with all sides facing the courtyard. Every plant and tree in the courtyard has been carefully carved, incorporating some Zen into it, giving it a very remote artistic conception. Adding some modern home design concepts into it will give you a sense of tranquility and distance.

Japanese garden design generally has the following basic elements: gardens, lights, rocks, paths and bridges, plus some trees, shrubs and herbs, to create a natural and harmonious environment through simple arrangements. It is basically the same as Chinese garden design elements, but it also avoids superficial imitation, does not stick to strict norms, has its own aesthetics and lifestyle, and pays attention to nature and tranquility.

A small stream with bridges and ornamental plants creates the perfect space for quiet contemplation.

Different color combinations in modern homes can also be cleverly integrated into Japanese courtyards, which combine traditional and modern elements well.

A Buddha statue is quietly located in the bushes, with soft lights, very peaceful and comfortable.

Artificiality can be seen in nature. This is a true portrayal of the Japanese garden. If you observe it carefully, you will see a sense of exquisiteness in every aspect. The decoration of a piece of stone may even reflect the good intentions of the owner of the house.

Compared with the ornamental value of Chinese courtyards, Japanese-style courtyards are actually more suitable for home design. Everyone can create their own unique courtyard according to their preferences.

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