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Red-glazed Porcelain from Jingdezhen Official Kiln in Late Yuan and Early Ming Dynasties

Underglaze Red Ground White Flowers Darkly Carved Cloud and Dragon Pattern Four-Series Flat Pot, Yuan Dynasty

Blue-and-white underglaze red openwork jar with lid, Yuan Dynasty

A red-glazed ewer with dark engraving of clouds and dragons, Yuan Dynasty

Underglaze Red Scratched Flower Rabbit Pattern Yuhu Spring Vase, Yuan Dynasty

An Underglaze Red and White Bowl with Flower Patterns, Ming Hongwu

Ming Hongwu Underglaze Red Wrapped Branch Peony Pattern Army Holder

Ming Hongwu Red Glaze Printed and Scratched Cloud and Dragon Plate

Xuande Jihong Glazed Dish, Ming Dynasty

Blue-and-white alum-red dish with sea-water dragon pattern, Xuande period, Ming Dynasty

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