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HansAuction is a leading global auction platform for art, antique collectibles, and furniture decoration.

It was formerly known as Hans Gallery, established in 2008, focusing on the Asian art and antique collectibles market with a global presence in Europe, America, and other regions worldwide. It has established partnerships with major appraisal institutions and has a total value of over 200 billion US dollars, including information on more than 200,000 artists’ works.

HansAuction brings auctioneers and interested collectors together to conveniently bid on desirable antique collectibles, artworks, porcelain, jewelry, jade, furniture decoration, and more. Its unique 3D exhibition hall provides artists with an offline exhibition experience and offers a brand new experience for real-time interaction and communication with collectors. In addition, HansAuction tracks auction information and data from around the world to provide reference services for collectors.


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